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Introducing the future
of weight management

96% of dogs lost weight
in two months at home

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How Metabolic works?

Metabolic is a special weight food formulated with scientifically selected ingredients

Works with your dog's unique energy use and help kick-start the body's natural ability to burn excess body fat.

Reduces need to measure the amount of food precisely.
Keeps your pet feeling full and satisfied making it easy to stay on the food.

Now with 35% more antioxidants to break the cycle of inflammation associated with obesity**

Great taste your dog will love

100% guaranteed Metabolic comes in a great taste your dog will love, making your dog feel full and satisfied after every meal.
  • Support weight loss success
  • Superior satisfaction for only
  • 9.4 Kcal per treat
  • Great taste your dog will love

New Metabolic Treats

Making the weight loss fun

Is your dog making effort to lose weight? Reward her with the new treat from Hills™ Prescription Diet™ Metabolic without putting the success of his weight loss regime at risk.