Feeding the best puppy food possible

The best puppy food provides the right balance of nutrients, calories and satisfaction. Here's everything you should look for when it's time to feed your new furry friend.

The Best Puppy Food Starts with Science

Just like a baby, your puppy needs food that provides a specific balance of nutrients for the first year of life.

A Healthy Feeding Schedule

Puppies eat a lot and they eat often, but too much can lead to begging and weight issues. Use this puppy food calculator* to find a proper feeding schedule, and remember: size, age and breed are also factors, so check with your veterinarian first.

*Based on Science Diet dog food recommendations

Feeding Options that Fit

Flavor is only part of your puppy’s dining experience, which is why we provide a variety of forms. Hill’s puppy nutrition is field-tested with the dogs of our Pet Nutrition Center to ensure your little one will come running for mealtime.

Dry Puppy Food

Puppy kibble is designed to fit smaller mouths, and provide a texture and aroma that growing pups crave.

Wet Puppy Food

Feed canned puppy food as a meal, or as a delicious “topper” to dry puppy food. Try Hill’s™ Science Diet™ peel & serve trays for small & toy breed puppies for a quick, convenient mealtime.

Puppy Training Treats

When it comes to training your furry friend, the right treat can go a long way. Hill’s™ Science Diet™ treats provide a delicious AND nutritious way to help your pup learn.

Breed Size Makes a Difference

Depending on the breed of your puppy, you’ll want to make sure their nutritional needs are met for the size they'll eventually grow into. Large breed puppies (that grow to 55+ lb.) are more susceptible to bone and joint issues due to their rapid growth. Talk to your vet to make sure your large pup is getting the right balance of nutrients.

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Hill’s™ Science Diet™ Puppy Healthy Development

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Hill's™ Science Diet™ Puppy Healthy Development dog food provides precisely balanced, easy-to-digest nutrition for growing puppies.

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This is great for my growing puppy!

“My puppy really likes this food. My vet recommended this to me and every time I run out, he is eager to get to the new bag!!"
– rayy, Georgia

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